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The White Sand of Sundak Beach

On Monday, October 10, 2011 0 komentar
Sundak, a beach in Gunungkidul district, Indonesia. precisely in the rural districts Sidoharjo Tepus. Located on the southern coast line of beaches lined with Kukup, Krakal, Drini, Along the Coast and Baron. The name of the beach Sundak into use after the beach is a place of fight dogs and hedgehogs. The fight occurred because of a Aning who are starving by chance encounter with a porcupine. There, there are small rocks lined up and become hiding-marine biota. Another attraction of this beach are the trees that make it cool, sea breeze beach diosekitar will increasingly make us feel at home and want to return here

Sheets of white sand stretching along the shore, waiting for the waves that kiss tenderly ran harbored a profound longing, giving comfort eye could see. A breeze caressed the leaves waving at the end of the branches that grow around the coast of soothing peace seekers. Stretch of shoreline cliffs bergincu tiny play area marine life nan adorable. Coral Coast guard stood firm as Sundak nan sturdy and brave. Limestone hills in the background adds elegance towering coastal sea and land encounter the southern coast of Java island. Sundak, a fusion between ASU and the hedgehog's name. Starting from the fight between ASU (dog) and porcupine. Pergelutan who left a trail for people around the existence of a cave with a source of fresh water in it.

Sundak, one of Enchantment Gunungkidul still buried, will terkabur news maze. Sundak as a milestone, that is not Gunungkidul kekerontangan but an exotic beauty.

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