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Baffin Island with sanctuary bird

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Baffin Island located in archipleago Arctic, Canada. It is separated from Greenland by the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay, from northern Quebec by the Hudson Strait, and from the Melville Peninsula by Foxe and fury basin narrow and Hecla Strait. The amount of islands and beaches confuse confused early explorers and the hidden geography until recent times. That possibility here that one of the great ice sheets that covered most of Canada originated about 18 000 years ago, and ice linger on the island until nearly 1500 years ago, large areas still covered with ice throughout the year. The island is dotted with lakes, the bottom of which has been explored periodically by Ice Age glaciers with each passing.

However, scientists have found that the sediment at the bottom of some lakes, which build up each year instead of like tree rings, has survived intact to explore the process. This has allowed scientists to take core samples going back tens of thousands of years. One such lake on Baffin Island, known as CF8, has been found to have a layer of sediment dating back 200,000 years, which makes it the oldest lake sediments bored of every part of Canada or Greenland glaciated, according to research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Baffin Bay is a land of winter to sanctuary bird the narwhal, walrus, beluga whales and Bowhead, and bearded seals and harp. This island nesting ground for millions of birds: a thick billed murres, kittiwakes and fulmars. The Dewey Soper Bird Sanctuary protects migratory summer nesting area for some 2 million birds migrate. A separate team of scientists analyzed the Arctic lake in Alaska found a similar warming trend in recent years compared with sediment records going back several thousand years. They also concluded that the warming was unprecedented and could be explained by human activities, namely building a human-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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