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Siung beach in Gunungkidul Indonesia

On Monday, October 10, 2011 0 komentar
Siung beach is situated not far from downtown as the location of this one is worthy for you to explore. can even be used as the location of exercise, for anyone wants menghilnkan fatigue in the city center, office workers are busy with work, this is a suitable place for you in banc eliminate fatigue. According to the map Siung in Gunung Kidul district, precisely in the south district Tepus, about 70 km from the city center or have a distance of about 2 hours drive from the "City Gudeg" If from Jakarta by train 12 hours to drive to Yogyakarta 10 hours, on a plane cuman few hours.

Siung beach can be a comfortable place for you who want to calm down there or it could be a picnic with family and those closest to you. Siung beach is my favorite beach to go home to Jogja. The atmosphere of the beautiful beaches, clean, comfortable and safe. It is quite far from Jogjakarta to go to Siung this, you first need to Gunung Kidul (Wonosari). One of the uniqueness of the Coast is suing the city of Yogyakarta is you have a special uniqueness, due in large rocks surrounded by blackish in color, mostly in tumbuhi vegerasi and moss green, and for those of you who like rock climbing, because this beach has a rock climbing facilities kegian = gound Camp is located on the east coast here can set up the tents and fire could be in title to spend the night, not far from Camp Ground there are wooden houses on stilts that can be utilized for the Base Camp can accommodate 10 -15 people a choice So in addition to setting up tents for those of you who want a vacation to come to the fatigue.

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