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Heaven in Derawan Archipelago

On Wednesday, October 12, 2011 0 komentar
Derawan is an archipelago located in Berau, East Kalimantan Indonesia. In these islands there are a number of charming maritime tourism, one Underwater Park is especially attractive for foreign tourists world-class divers (Wikipedia). Besides underwater beauty, beaches Derawan also no less captivating. Additionally Derawan very famous with the 'lakes' Kakaban, which is one of two atolls in the world perfect, which causes the sea to 'lake' salty. There is also a turtle sanctuary on the island and the waters around Sangalaki Derawan often appear stingray / manta.

Today is very sunny, my prayer is before you go. Pleaded with hot air. Derawan island was visible from a distance, looks shallow sea water so that the rocks under our boat looks. About an hour and a half again the first sunset on this island we would see. After receiving room, we scrambled to the beach that is located right in front of our guesthouse. Some friends can not wait to swim this afternoon. Rather doubt with thick clouds that would block the sky diufuk beautiful sunset this evening.

Kakaban be translated into Indonesian language is the island that embraces. Kakaban has its own uniqueness. In this island there is a brackish water lake. This is because the so-called hugging (* hug * lake). The lake is supposedly formed from 2 million years ago, on this lake you can swim with the jellyfish sting without fear. Not only lake in the island an attractive, snorkeling shore diseputaran Kakaban also beautiful. A variety of corals and marine animals. Adorned with coral cliffs in, definitely nice if I could dive right under the cliffs around me. Our speedboat leaving Kakaban and amazing marine life, this time we will move closer to the island Maratua. Before we were snorkeling at Garden Island in the distance from Derawan, we saw a bright ray of light biasan white sandy beaches. That's definitely Gusung Island, we thought. Yes it is Gusung Island, an island without any trees there, there is only a shallow sea water and sand stretches the length and width. After snorkeling we docked at Garden Island Gusung. All my friends scattered island perpohon not it. The flow of sand waves formed as a sweep secondhand. When the ocean tide the island is not visible because the ocean water.

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