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Enjoying magnificent antelope canyon in arizona Usa

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When we think about visiting Arizona in the United States, the grandeur of the famous Grand Canyon will soon come to mind, but in fact, Arizona has some big valleys and amazing that you can go and find. One is the canyon of the most frequently visited by tourists, especially photographers, Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon consists of two separate parts, namely the top and bottom of the Antelope. Each contains the hidden crevices of sandstone carved into the shape of m. Antelope Canyon on the so-called "bighanilini Tse" by the Navajos, it means: "place where water runs through rocks", while the bottom is called "Hasdeztwazi" which means "spiral rock arches". Compared with the bottom, the top of the more frequently visited by tourists. This is for two reasons. First, the entrance and entire length of the canyon is located on the ground, so climbing is not required. Second, the glare of the sun more often seen on top of the bottom of Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon Tour will certainly be an enjoyable experience and unforgettable, not only that, this experience will also be very expensive. Therefore, you must ensure that money is no problem before going there.

Antelope Canyon, located on Navajo land, just outside Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, is one of the most beautiful scenery and calm in the face of the earth. The canyon formed by erosion of Navajo sandstone. In the gorge there are magnificent gaps and narrow, just enough space for a small group of people to be able to walk on the sandy floor - and the spotlight of sunlight coming from it. In the rainy season, floods may occur in this valley. Water flows slowly wearing and carrying grains of sand in the form of beautiful and graceful arches in stone.

In addition, the wind came to give a role in shaping the beauty of this amazing canyon.It formed over many years by the flash floods that erode the sandstone. Flash floods are a danger to visitors today with the last major flood occurred in 2006. Tourists can only visit the canyon with a guide because of this flooding. There are two parts of the canyon: Upper Antelope Canyon (also called The Crack) and Lower Antelope Canyon (also called the Corkscrew that). Upper Canyon Navajo call bighanilini Tse ', which means "place where water runs through rocks." Lower Canyon is called Hasdestwazi, which means "spiral rock arches." The canyon both can be found in Chapter LeChee Navajo Nation, the Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park. There is an entrance fee for both valleys, and fees with the Navajo Nation is providing a much-needed revenue.

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