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Lembeh strait, the favorite diving places in the world

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Lembeh Strait is a narrow waters (strait) that separates the mainland with the island of Sulawesi island Lembeh. Bitung city is located on one side of this strait. Strait is known to have a wealth of marine biodiversity is very high and become one of the major diving attraction in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Lembeh Strait is an island which is administratively located in the autonomous region bitung city which is one city in north Sulawesi province. Lembeh Strait along the waters there are small islands uninhabited by the structure of the fragile limestone rocks and lifted to the surface. The overall morphology of the land that stretches along both sides of the Lembeh Strait is forming a memorable dramatic natural scenery. Lembeh Strait Lembeh Strait is called regular or a favorite tourist spot for fans of underwater tours. A variety of flora and fauna such as colorful coral reefs and dazzling marine fauna would invite admiration for anyone who saw it. For your information, including the waters of Lembeh Strait in southern bitung districts, municipalities Bitung, North Sulawesi province. Waters is famous for its dazzling diversity of invertebrates, especially of the echinoderms.

Lembeh Strait which is one of the favorite diving places in the world is so fascinating. The beauty and uniqueness and diversity of marine flora and fauna in the Lembeh Strait is never to be forgotten. The uniqueness and beauty, colorful flora and fauna, as well as charm, will surely make you fall in love with the Lembeh Strait. This location is renowned internationally as the diversity of marine life that exists only in the place. Here you will be able to find the mimic octopus, pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, and Frogfish haired. This place is a paradise for underwater photography and is often called the "mecca of macro photography". After all remain vigilant, the beauty of the Lembeh Strait is for experienced divers.

Enchantment Lembeh Strait

Lembeh strait is one of the city's tourist attraction attraction bitung. Developing tourism on the island under water (diving). In this ulau stand resorts that offer diving travel packages. Lembeh Strait has been known and recognized by many international tourists to the beauty of marine life. When in the know will keidahan Bunaken sea corals, the Lembeh Strait is known for the diversity of fauna and underwater floara. Besides the beauty of flora and fauna will be under the sea, the island of Lembeh also has a beauty of its natural panaroma. The island is formed from limestone rocks are wrapped beautifully by the green leaves of palm trees. Not excessive if the island is called the island a million roofs. Today, the charm of underwater Lembeh Strait is now very much in demand by foreign tourists. Mainland coast of the narrow spread between the crevices of the hills of the island has attracted foreign investors to establish resorts that offer diving tours. Environmental conditions that are still beautiful and equipped with several amenities, ready to pamper you to enjoy the beauty of this island. All the resorts that are here also offer 3 meals a drink, namely: morning, noon and night. In the evening will appear in front of flickering fairy lights along the harbor and city bitung. To get here, tourists can use a motor boat from the Port of Bitung about 30 minutes to the tourist area of ​​Lembeh Island which is now a mainstay attraction maritime city of Bitung. Lembeh Strait is now the region has become the exotic island diving destination.

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