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Wakatobi Underwater in Indonesia

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Wakatobi, one of the counties in Sulawesi Tenggara consists of small islands in Indonesia. Area of ​​small islands are only about three percent of the total area of ​​all these districts, 1.9 million hectares. Since 1996, when it was still part of Buton Regency, 1.3 million hectares district was assigned to Wakatobi National Marine Park area. The policy was adopted on the grounds of the Minister of Forestry in the underwater islands that are the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, like a real paradise under the sea. There are about 750 types of coral reef marine park spread over an area of ​​1.39 million hectares of this, I wonder if Wakatobi become a haven for diving enthusiasts. Fish species richness are also stored here such as Argus spots (Cephalopholus argus), takhasang (naso unicornis), Pogo, pogo (Balistoides Viridescens), Napoleon (Cheilinus Uundulatus), red fish (Lutjanus biguttatus), Lutjanus monostigma, Caesio Caerularea and many types of other. Coral reefs are composed of 750 species and inhabited by various kinds of fish and other marine biota. Number of species of coral reef species to within 100 of the number of species of coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea which has 850 species of coral reefs. Hence, no exaggeration to say, exploring the underwater world, especially around Wakatobi Hoga Island and Island One Mombaa, is already conquering the natural beauty under the sea around the world. According to Regent Wakatobi Hugua Once, in conversation with SH in Kendari, recently. Therefore, further Hugua, if you want to conquer the world's coral reefs, go diving in Wakatobi marine waters, especially around Hoga Island and Island One Mombaa. The beauty of the underwater world has to offer is no engineering such as attractions on land. All that is enjoyed on the ocean floor is formed and created by natural processes.

Nature's most beautiful underwater Wakatobi, like a paradise for diving addicts and second to none in the world. However, under the sea's natural beauty can not be enjoyed by all walks of life. Only those with deep pockets who can sense a real paradise under the sea the Wakatobi National Park. The problem, to reach the Wakatobi region needs considerable cost because you have to use a charter flight from Bali. Once the flight to stay 10 days, you should spend at least U.S. $ 3,000, or approximately USD 30 million. Meanwhile, to reach out to other areas, such as Bunaken in Manado, North Sulawesi, or Denpasar, Bali, Jakarta only with money from the $ 500 you can stay for one week. Goods times the cost of travel to Wakatobi is the most expensive in the world. Been in Wakatobi, not just the beauty of the underwater world that can be enjoyed. When on the ground, we can witness a variety of cultural attractions. Lariangi Dance, Dance Balumpa, Kabuenga, Karia, ate clam shells, watching the old mosque Lia Togo and so on, be a spectacle interesting when you are in the Wakatobi. In fact, we can witness the world's longest machete, with a size of 6.3 meters.

Machetes were made in Bonongko and exhibited at the show as the Oral Tradition Wanci December 1, 2008 International ago. According Hugua, machete as a symbol that the island was formerly known as Tukang Besi Islands. Naming it suits the character of the people who are experts and skilled at making agricultural tools or kitchen, such as machetes, knives, and a crowbar of iron materials.

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