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Cape Town as a tourist vacaton in Africa

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Cape Town is also a city in South Africa that can make you fall in love. Here is a meeting place for various cultures. The city is flanked by ocean and mountains so the views are presented fairly indahRhodes Memorial (Photo: Specialties). As is known the surface of the blue Atlantic that when combined with the aging white beach becomes a wonderful and memorable romantic scenery. Maybe that's what causes most of the coastline in the coastal area of ​​Cape Town is a tourist area visited by many tourists from Europe during the summer in Europe, while South Africa's winter peak.

Like the scenery? Can visit the National Park Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden which includes the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here we will see a very large tree known as the baobab. This tree is known since three million years ago. Likewise with plants typical of other African. Can also visit the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront which is located in the harbor with a backdrop of Table Mountain. Table Mountain a place that can make us see the beautiful scenery of Cape Town's highest peak. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is a center of various activities. You can enjoy good food, enjoy the nightlife, shopping, and so on. Two Oceans Aquarium There's even a meeting place for hundreds of species of marine creatures.
Sumaya Abdul, a tourist from Indonesia says, he always loved the Cape Town for a vacation spot for the city's historical ties with Muslims in Indonesia.
"My ancestors had brought to Cape Town to be used as slaves during the colonial era and they brought Islam to South Africa," he told IOL.
"When I visited here, I met with people who have blood ties with me. So visit Cape Town is a priority for me."

Cape Town is home to nearly half a million Muslims who come from diverse countries in Asia. Muslim population in South Africa reached 1.5% of the total 44 million people who inhabit the southern African country. Islam entered the region, named Cape of Good Hope in 1654, along with the delivery of slaves and those who were exiled for political reasons during the Dutch Company (Dutch East Indies Company), who was conducting its activities between Cape Town, the Netherlands, and Indonesia (as well as the surrounding area). Sumaya remembered the first time he had been to Cape Town, he was very impressed with the many shops and restaurants that provide halal food. "Almost all halal food in Cape Town." Sumaya said, one thing that really caught his attention, "There are so many mosques, you could say almost on every street corner, where things like that are hard to find in other tourist destinations in the world." Among the many places of interest to tourists in Cape Town is the mosque Auwal and Palm Tree, are both the oldest mosques used by Muslims praying there. "Palm Tree Mosque Auwal and very attractive interest silamnya visitors since ancient history," said Farouk Kamalie, Palm Tree in charge of the mosque, told IOL. "Local and foreign tourists who visit the many ancient mosques every year." The same thing happened at the mosque Auwal, the first mosque in the southern region of Africa which was built in 1804. "Thousands of people from different countries each month to visit this mosque. They take pictures, record video, and also interviewed us," said Abdurrahman, a mosque muezzin coming from Tanzania. "I am proud to be part of the mosque Auwal."
Kamalie, Palm Tree in charge of the mosque said the only mosque that became part of the rich heritage of Islamic culture in Cape Town.
"The tourists asked us to guide them religious visit to the tomb of the Muslim clerics who once existed and died in Cape Town this," he said.
"Cape Town is very rich in history and culture of Islam."

If you love history, do not forget to visit Robben Island. This is where we will see South Africa as it faces both in the present or in the future. And, this place was once used as a prison for famous political figures such as Nelson Mandela, Goven Mbeki, and others. If you like the wine, do not forget to visit the very famous wine estates in South Africa. And, it's not complete yet traveled to South Africa if not visiting the wineries. His name Constantia Vineyards. Located in the western region of Cape Town. It was, hm .... amazing! Most foreign tourists prefer to visit the plantation that has been built since 1689 this. There are still many sights can be visited in Cape Town. Clearly, the loss to South Africa if it was not visited tourist attraction and just watch the ball. If we jagokan win, surely brings pleasure, but if that championed lost, cook the hell should bite the fingers swallow disappointment?

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