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Happy diving in Bintan island, Indonesia

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One of the best diving spot in Bintan Island is Mapur. Coral reefs of the island consists of coral Mapur edge (fringing reefs), takat coral (patch reefs) and shallow (Shoals) spread area of ​​18 square kilometers. Another advantage dive sites here is the sunlight that penetrates to a depth, making the diver can freely enjoy its beauty. According to a recent study conducted by mid 2009, there were 103 species of reef fish (coral fishes). This small island is being promoted tourism, especially marine tourism where white sand beaches studded and unique animals, and do not forget his mysterious mangroves. Travelers arrive in droves, especially from Singapore and Malaysia because of its location relatively close.

As for local tourists usually arrive in droves from Batam, or for the outside of a personality and want to visit Binta do not confused. Get on a plane bound for Batam, followed by a trip by ferry from the Ferry Terminal Lake Punggur for 45 minutes to the Airport Ferry Terminal Bentan Telani. You who love the natural atmosphere can follow Mangove Discovery Tour is a popular and has been awarded the Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award for Eco Tourism (ecological tourism). Day tour by boat on the river Sebung see first hand the life of flora and fauna in mangrove forests. In fact you can get a unique experience in mangroves at night adorned with fireflies. You can visit Bintan Elephant Park and enjoy the show attractive Sumatran elephants. You also can play and interact directly with the dolphins at the Dolphin Lodge. Look at the Bottlenose Dolphin demonstrate their natural abilities. A sanctuary for the dolphins can be reached 35 minutes from the island of Bintan.

Thirst for adventure, try the Mount Bintan Adventure Trek which takes you to the top of the mountain as high as 340 feet that has become a point of navigation for the mariner over the centuries. Eksplorasilah to waterfalls and caves of Mount Bintan. Enjoy the air-speed go-kart fun or air-ATV jungle track. For you lovers of water sports, you can stay at Nirwana Beach Club. The resort provides 50 cabana rooms with a choice of twin or double beds equipped with TV, air conditioning, shower, and a sofa bed. Two-star place to stay is to provide various kinds of water sports, from banana-boating, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, kayaking, boogie-boarding, sailing, fishing, and jetskiing. You should try "Air Blast" is gaining in popularity since 2005 in Bintan. At least he's playing better known as Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is on from November to March. This season the wind blowing hard. That's what this sport needs. When you play to Bintan in April to October, sea water is more calm. This is the time for diving, waterskiing, and jetskiing until satisfied.

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