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Klayar beach, Pacitan Indonesia

On Monday, October 10, 2011 0 komentar
Pacitan city has many beautiful beaches such as, Teleng Ria, Sembukan, Nampu, Klayar and much more. What will I tell you this is Klayar Beach, the beach is located in the district Donorojo Pacitan, a distance of approximately 35 km to the west of the city Pacitan Indonesia. This white sandy beach has a feature that is the sea that occasional flute whistling in the crevice between the rocks and the waves bursts. On the outskirts of cities have a fairly large family beach and the waves are not so big name Teleng Ria Coast but it's not our goal, from the pupil we continued to the beach which they say is the queen of South Beach is the beach name Klayar Coast. The trip was more severe than the previous road trip is relatively small and also winding down a very steep rise. But after arriving at your destination tired tired all is gone, why not klayar beautiful beaches are waiting for us to touch him. The beach can be matched with a beach in Bali in my opinion. Klayar beaches are still untouched by many tourists and still very natural. Rather than just curious in view shots of the queen of South Beach or Beach Klayar Pacitan.

In addition there are also Fountain Natural very beautiful. This fountain is happening because of the pressure waves that hit the ocean airu hollow cliffs. Gushing water that can reach a height of 10 meters produce drizzle and mist of sea water which is believed to be efficacious as a medicine ageless. Klayar is by far the most distant last among the three beaches that I mentioned above (the distance measured from Solo). All you need is a bit wary if it is toward the direction of the derivative near the beach then control the speed of your vehicle because the road is rather steep and not so good.

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