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Cycling The East Coast Park Singapura

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The East Coast Park is a beach park located on the southeastern coast of Singapore. It opened in about 1970 when the government completed reclaiming land off the coast of Katong which extends from Changi to Tanjong Rhu. The East Coast Park is the largest park in Singapore, and is built entirely on reclaimed land with man-made beach. This beach is protected by breakwaters. This park is easily accessible for many people, especially foreign tourists because many roads to enter or exit from this area. The East Coast Park has ample parking is very broad. The park is also accessible by public transport such as buses are available at East Coast Park Service Road. Visitors can also walk through the underground path from Marine Parade.

This park is a popular place for families and friends to relax and enjoy yourself. This park has entertainment facilities, chalets, food and beverage, and facilities for sports activities. A cycling and inline skating track extends along the perimeter of the garden, measuring approximately 15 km. Usually, many foreign tourists who rent bikes and skateboards in places that have been provided there. With its location on the beach and a host of recreational activities, East Coast Park will not make you disappointed. Plus a series of restaurants, bars and cafes - it's not surprising that this park is one of the most popular places in Singapore.

The cool sea breeze and the shade of the trees to make East Coast Park a vehicle for a picnic or barbeque with an ideal location, while the region which offers facilities for health and fitness - such as water sports (including the famous ski cable named SKI 360), bowling, tennis, play areas sand for the kids and the area of ​​tai chi. Along the sandy beach 7.5 km, there are 12 km and 15 km bicycle track jogging track. If you want to explore further, you can also rent shoes, bicycles and skateboards from rental kiosks in the park. At the end of the day, reward yourself with a delicious meal from one of the restaurants in the vicinity. A special dish is recommended chili crab.

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Seribu Island referred as tiger island

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Although the condition of coral reefs in the Seribu Islands region has been much disturbed by human activity, but there are still many interesting places for diving stop off. Types of coral reefs are found as stone, rock fan, leaf coral, and coral fungi. Soft corals (soft corals) were widely available here. Based on research, even this region there are approximately 267 species of coral branches. The islands are a diver's destination is Pulau Kotok, Papa Theo, Peniki, Sun, Gosonglaga, Sepa, Semak Daun. There are about 144 species of ornamental fish that live here, among others, Anemone Fish, Sweetlips Fish, Fish Office, Sonang Hair, Keletuk Peliding, Gepe monyong, there is also a moray eel, and others.Diver who do not know the Thousand Islands? Let the many who have penetrated exotic diving sites in parts of Indonesia, the Thousand Islands remain my first love which can not be forgotten. And it's not blind love. As the name implies, the Thousand Islands, have a thousand unique (more precisely 340, because the actual number of islands only by now, not until a thousand). Starting from the famous Wreck Papa Teo, until a new dive sites are found. A recent survey conducted by TERANGI in 2005 for example, showed that in the Northern region of the Thousand Islands a few locations with coral cover above 75%. This means that almost the entire seabed subsrat overgrown by corals. The survey also found at least 211 species of reef fish. These data are consistent with the data snapshot Reef Check is also done by Light in 1999 and 2002. In a survey conducted in the southern islands national park, found some sites with high coral cover.

Macan Island - Seribu Islands, is a coastal tourist sites are truly amazing. Tiger Island location is quite isolated in the northern part of the Thousand Islands. Tiger Island has a maximum capacity of 30 people and the majority of visitors are foreign tourists. The island is quite exclusive, to get to the island is also need to struggle, but should be by reservation, if you want to cross to this island, you have to climb the boat from Ancol is already in the charter by the resort in question. If not, you have to climb the fishing boats known as Grouper Ship that will only depart if the passenger minimum of 8 people and leaves at 8 am. To go to the island Macannya itself takes a long time almost 1 hour more. There are 78 large-small islands with a height of not more than three meters above sea level and it is a coral island chain. In hundreds of years ago, the islands were formed on top of coral colonies of a dead animal. These colonies initially grew on the shallow sea floor, and the layer above it appears to the surface and were weathering. Then on top of the rock land, growing pioneer species such as bushes and trees and there was some kind of land. Mainland is in the islands are not the same as the land consisting of soil. Likewise, the plant and its animal wealth.

The wealth of marine life park Seribu Islands is comprised of hard rock / soft as many as 54 species, 144 species of fish, two types of clams, 3 groups of algae such as Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta and Phaeophyta, 6 kinds of seaweed, as well as 17 types of shore birds. National mTaman Thousand Islands is a place of nesting hawksbill and green turtles. Hawksbill and green turtles are endangered species and rarely found in other waters north coast of Java Island, bred on the island of shrubs Daun.m Captive breeding is intended to restore populations of endangered sea turtles. Breeding activities include semi-natural egg hatching and care of the baby turtles until ready to be released into nature. Most of the beaches in this national park is protected by mangrove forests, where the living monitor lizards, snakes and pythons gold ring. Behind the phenomena and the secrets of nature, the actual cluster storing the natural beauty of the Thousand Islands is very charming. Symphony tiny islands of green, waves, colored golden sunlight at dusk; will certainly reassure those in the Thousand Islands National Park.

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Popularity Gili Indah village in West Lombok regency is so global. Beautiful beaches make a lot of foreign tourists spellbound. There are three small islands are famous here, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. All three dyke is also famous for its beautiful underwater garden. One attraction for divers is the presence of blue coral. That said, there are only two locations that have this rock, in the village of Gili and the Caribbean. There are many dive sites on this island sekitartiga. Fish that can be found here, among others, Tiger Fish, Blue Moon, a sense of the leadership of fish, Lion fish and fish Cuttlefish. Visibility (visibility) 50-30 meters. Travel to Lombok, not complete it if not visit the three islands of exotic sights in northwestern island of Lombok. Three islands namely, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno, a member serving the beauty of white sand beaches and other natural colors are very sharp nan alluring, like the clarity of the sea, coral reefs and marine life, as well as the diversity of living things that are not less fascinating. Sightseeing is not far to the north of Senggigi beach, just a few miles to the intersection of market and winner, then take the path to the left or towards the west We have come to the harbor where boats can bring to three the island. From the intersection of the winners, the trip can actually be traversed by foot, because it is very close, but if you want to enjoy the means of transport that is not less attractive, there are similar services that are available to take your wagon to a boat dock with two thousand dollars only.

After reaching the dock, you can directly consider the package - the package has been provided to be able to enjoy the beauty of the dyke. We get at any previous acquaintance in Rinjani, he led our group and provide contacts for Rp75000 package. This price is covered by the satisfaction of enjoying the three islands, around the three islands is by boat, swim and feel the difference in ocean currents around the third island. We were also given the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the coral reef snorkeling, feeding ornamental fish, turtles, and take pictures as much beach. Actually not satisfied if the three islands to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful day with just one alone. Therefore many available cottages, lodging, and café on the third island. Most of the tourists who stop and stay a foreign tourist. So no wonder, if some managers cottage, café, and so on, almost every night holding a pamper party typical foreign tourists. But do not worry, the price of local tolerable, provided that can mencar and choose. The beauty of natural scenery and arguably elegant, making this attraction very pity to miss. Not to mention the budget is relatively cheap when compared with the budget for the attractions and facilities on the western island of Lombok a global first.

Distance traveled to the island's third longest spends 30 minutes, depending on whether or not the current big waves. Stunning scenery directly. Sea water is salty as if choked by a dark blue, light blue to light green. I was so crystal clear waters, the seabed was seen pithy. These three tiny islands in the middle of the ocean have different unique characteristics. Each has the atmosphere of nature and its own characteristics. In fact, the difference seemed to finally sort out the tourists in accordance with their interests, attitudes, and personality
Gili Trawangan is the largest island, once the busiest farthest from the main island of Lombok. Most tourists who visit it consists of people who are youthful and energetic. In the holiday season, most of the night held a frenetic party with music. For tourists who just want to feel the atmosphere of the beach without going to get wet, can relax on the porch of the hotel, cafes, and restaurants are arranged beautifully. In fact, if interested, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage cidomo to surround the entire island of Gili Trawangan. Meanwhile, Gili Meno is located in the middle between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, more suitable for tourists who crave the relaxation in the silence. Visitors were treated to truly natural feel of a tranquil tropical beach. Merimpun mangrove trees are still visible along the coastal shores. Another with the atmosphere created in Gili Air. The nearest island of Lombok is more suitable for tourists who vacation with the family. Inhabited by local residents the most, these islands offer an atmosphere more beaches are not crowded but not too quiet.

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For those of you who like adventure Ujung Kulon can be regarded as a very exciting menu. Here we can feel the atmosphere of nature that is completely natural. The beauty of nature and animals that roam freely along with the atmosphere of the forest is an ideal dish for those of you who love the wild. In the Ujung Kulon there are some interesting spots, such as Peuncang Island, Cape screen, Coral copong, Cidaon, Cikuya and much more. The Ujung Kulon If you are sure to Island Peucang, why? because this island was the best national parks Ujung Kulon. Its very beautiful beaches, white sand scenery is amazing. The sand was amazing. Because really just white flour. The nature of his rather dense sand beaches contrast to the other like in Kuta, or Cipanarikan-Edge Tile. This island can be encountered animals that roam freely, like monkeys, deer and even wild boar.

A small paradise on the island Peucang in Ujung Kulon National Park is. At first glance that flashed in our minds when we hear the Ujung Kulon is the one-horned rhinoceros. But actually many other natural beauty found in this west end. such as white sand, blue sea beaches, and beauty of marine parks add to the beauty of nature in the national park. Sea around Ujung Kulon fun for snorkeling, diving or surfing. Attractive white sand beach Sunbathing enthusiasts, the forest was challenging for the lovers of flora and fauna to observe directly from their natural habitat. Moreover, if we had time to observe the turtles are laying eggs.

If you like underwater tours, we can do snorkeling in cikuya. We can see the coral reefs and small fish that roam. Clownfish can we meet here. But be careful, always note the condition of the sea. Because sometimes happens that the flow can take us out to sea. At the west end can practically do not expect the real nature because there are people selling. No signal HP, and no power plant. The only power plant was sourced from the generator at the resort peuncang. Cidaon, another spot market is relatively attractive in Ujungkulon here we can see a vast prairie, in the morning or afternoon can be encountered. Bull and peacocks that roam freely looking for food. Still not satisfied this time we will be trekking to the west end. And see the promontory of the screen. Along the trekking path we can see a natural forest ambience. Large trees with the sounds of birds coloring our journey. Arriving at the end of his journey, we will get to the tower of the lighthouse. If you are brave please try to climb the lighthouse. The stairs are steep accompanied by strong winds would make your adrenaline flowing to the heart. Tight grip yes, because there is no safety nya.Dari over the lighthouse we could see the scenery around.

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Happy diving in Bintan island, Indonesia

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One of the best diving spot in Bintan Island is Mapur. Coral reefs of the island consists of coral Mapur edge (fringing reefs), takat coral (patch reefs) and shallow (Shoals) spread area of ​​18 square kilometers. Another advantage dive sites here is the sunlight that penetrates to a depth, making the diver can freely enjoy its beauty. According to a recent study conducted by mid 2009, there were 103 species of reef fish (coral fishes). This small island is being promoted tourism, especially marine tourism where white sand beaches studded and unique animals, and do not forget his mysterious mangroves. Travelers arrive in droves, especially from Singapore and Malaysia because of its location relatively close.

As for local tourists usually arrive in droves from Batam, or for the outside of a personality and want to visit Binta do not confused. Get on a plane bound for Batam, followed by a trip by ferry from the Ferry Terminal Lake Punggur for 45 minutes to the Airport Ferry Terminal Bentan Telani. You who love the natural atmosphere can follow Mangove Discovery Tour is a popular and has been awarded the Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award for Eco Tourism (ecological tourism). Day tour by boat on the river Sebung see first hand the life of flora and fauna in mangrove forests. In fact you can get a unique experience in mangroves at night adorned with fireflies. You can visit Bintan Elephant Park and enjoy the show attractive Sumatran elephants. You also can play and interact directly with the dolphins at the Dolphin Lodge. Look at the Bottlenose Dolphin demonstrate their natural abilities. A sanctuary for the dolphins can be reached 35 minutes from the island of Bintan.

Thirst for adventure, try the Mount Bintan Adventure Trek which takes you to the top of the mountain as high as 340 feet that has become a point of navigation for the mariner over the centuries. Eksplorasilah to waterfalls and caves of Mount Bintan. Enjoy the air-speed go-kart fun or air-ATV jungle track. For you lovers of water sports, you can stay at Nirwana Beach Club. The resort provides 50 cabana rooms with a choice of twin or double beds equipped with TV, air conditioning, shower, and a sofa bed. Two-star place to stay is to provide various kinds of water sports, from banana-boating, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, kayaking, boogie-boarding, sailing, fishing, and jetskiing. You should try "Air Blast" is gaining in popularity since 2005 in Bintan. At least he's playing better known as Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is on from November to March. This season the wind blowing hard. That's what this sport needs. When you play to Bintan in April to October, sea water is more calm. This is the time for diving, waterskiing, and jetskiing until satisfied.

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Lembeh Strait is a narrow waters (strait) that separates the mainland with the island of Sulawesi island Lembeh. Bitung city is located on one side of this strait. Strait is known to have a wealth of marine biodiversity is very high and become one of the major diving attraction in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Lembeh Strait is an island which is administratively located in the autonomous region bitung city which is one city in north Sulawesi province. Lembeh Strait along the waters there are small islands uninhabited by the structure of the fragile limestone rocks and lifted to the surface. The overall morphology of the land that stretches along both sides of the Lembeh Strait is forming a memorable dramatic natural scenery. Lembeh Strait Lembeh Strait is called regular or a favorite tourist spot for fans of underwater tours. A variety of flora and fauna such as colorful coral reefs and dazzling marine fauna would invite admiration for anyone who saw it. For your information, including the waters of Lembeh Strait in southern bitung districts, municipalities Bitung, North Sulawesi province. Waters is famous for its dazzling diversity of invertebrates, especially of the echinoderms.

Lembeh Strait which is one of the favorite diving places in the world is so fascinating. The beauty and uniqueness and diversity of marine flora and fauna in the Lembeh Strait is never to be forgotten. The uniqueness and beauty, colorful flora and fauna, as well as charm, will surely make you fall in love with the Lembeh Strait. This location is renowned internationally as the diversity of marine life that exists only in the place. Here you will be able to find the mimic octopus, pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, and Frogfish haired. This place is a paradise for underwater photography and is often called the "mecca of macro photography". After all remain vigilant, the beauty of the Lembeh Strait is for experienced divers.

Enchantment Lembeh Strait

Lembeh strait is one of the city's tourist attraction attraction bitung. Developing tourism on the island under water (diving). In this ulau stand resorts that offer diving travel packages. Lembeh Strait has been known and recognized by many international tourists to the beauty of marine life. When in the know will keidahan Bunaken sea corals, the Lembeh Strait is known for the diversity of fauna and underwater floara. Besides the beauty of flora and fauna will be under the sea, the island of Lembeh also has a beauty of its natural panaroma. The island is formed from limestone rocks are wrapped beautifully by the green leaves of palm trees. Not excessive if the island is called the island a million roofs. Today, the charm of underwater Lembeh Strait is now very much in demand by foreign tourists. Mainland coast of the narrow spread between the crevices of the hills of the island has attracted foreign investors to establish resorts that offer diving tours. Environmental conditions that are still beautiful and equipped with several amenities, ready to pamper you to enjoy the beauty of this island. All the resorts that are here also offer 3 meals a drink, namely: morning, noon and night. In the evening will appear in front of flickering fairy lights along the harbor and city bitung. To get here, tourists can use a motor boat from the Port of Bitung about 30 minutes to the tourist area of ​​Lembeh Island which is now a mainstay attraction maritime city of Bitung. Lembeh Strait is now the region has become the exotic island diving destination.

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