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Menjangan Island, Bali underwater Heaven

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011 0 komentar
Menjangan, hear the word of our brains immediately forced to imagine a four-legged and horned animals whose habitat beautifully now very rare, so the government began to intervene in order to conserve these beautiful animals. This place has in Indonesia. In the area of West Bali National Park lies the small island that used to list a lot of the animal's habitat in it, but because of ignorance of human hands that are not ultimately responsible for the numbers now live a little, therefore the government began to take part by entering the small island into the West Bali National Park area.

Towards this location can be from two directions, the first is from the port of Gilimanuk, located about 10km along the thick of the National Park we will meet a junction with the instructions Labuhan Lalang, not far from the intersection of three that lies the entrance to Menjangan Island, charter boats lined up neatly on the dock which is located in a peaceful bay. While the second line could pass through Singaraja Lovina beach in the area, from this direction will also find the village of Labuhan Lalang. To cross to the island of Menjangan we have to rent a motor boat with a hefty rents affordable and should be accompanied by a guide, the goal is to preserve the habitat of the island of Menjangan Underwater either her or on his island.

Underwater scenery to amaze me, a beautiful rock walls towering about as deep as 50 meters in tumbuhi various reefs are very beautiful, not to mention the marine life is very attractive at all, according to buy (call men Bali) Komang guide my time was not time to bersenorkling because it was too late, and the sun have also begun to reluctantly bernagi light, but for me it was a great beauty gift from the almighty.

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