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Seribu Island referred as tiger island

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Although the condition of coral reefs in the Seribu Islands region has been much disturbed by human activity, but there are still many interesting places for diving stop off. Types of coral reefs are found as stone, rock fan, leaf coral, and coral fungi. Soft corals (soft corals) were widely available here. Based on research, even this region there are approximately 267 species of coral branches. The islands are a diver's destination is Pulau Kotok, Papa Theo, Peniki, Sun, Gosonglaga, Sepa, Semak Daun. There are about 144 species of ornamental fish that live here, among others, Anemone Fish, Sweetlips Fish, Fish Office, Sonang Hair, Keletuk Peliding, Gepe monyong, there is also a moray eel, and others.Diver who do not know the Thousand Islands? Let the many who have penetrated exotic diving sites in parts of Indonesia, the Thousand Islands remain my first love which can not be forgotten. And it's not blind love. As the name implies, the Thousand Islands, have a thousand unique (more precisely 340, because the actual number of islands only by now, not until a thousand). Starting from the famous Wreck Papa Teo, until a new dive sites are found. A recent survey conducted by TERANGI in 2005 for example, showed that in the Northern region of the Thousand Islands a few locations with coral cover above 75%. This means that almost the entire seabed subsrat overgrown by corals. The survey also found at least 211 species of reef fish. These data are consistent with the data snapshot Reef Check is also done by Light in 1999 and 2002. In a survey conducted in the southern islands national park, found some sites with high coral cover.

Macan Island - Seribu Islands, is a coastal tourist sites are truly amazing. Tiger Island location is quite isolated in the northern part of the Thousand Islands. Tiger Island has a maximum capacity of 30 people and the majority of visitors are foreign tourists. The island is quite exclusive, to get to the island is also need to struggle, but should be by reservation, if you want to cross to this island, you have to climb the boat from Ancol is already in the charter by the resort in question. If not, you have to climb the fishing boats known as Grouper Ship that will only depart if the passenger minimum of 8 people and leaves at 8 am. To go to the island Macannya itself takes a long time almost 1 hour more. There are 78 large-small islands with a height of not more than three meters above sea level and it is a coral island chain. In hundreds of years ago, the islands were formed on top of coral colonies of a dead animal. These colonies initially grew on the shallow sea floor, and the layer above it appears to the surface and were weathering. Then on top of the rock land, growing pioneer species such as bushes and trees and there was some kind of land. Mainland is in the islands are not the same as the land consisting of soil. Likewise, the plant and its animal wealth.

The wealth of marine life park Seribu Islands is comprised of hard rock / soft as many as 54 species, 144 species of fish, two types of clams, 3 groups of algae such as Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta and Phaeophyta, 6 kinds of seaweed, as well as 17 types of shore birds. National mTaman Thousand Islands is a place of nesting hawksbill and green turtles. Hawksbill and green turtles are endangered species and rarely found in other waters north coast of Java Island, bred on the island of shrubs Daun.m Captive breeding is intended to restore populations of endangered sea turtles. Breeding activities include semi-natural egg hatching and care of the baby turtles until ready to be released into nature. Most of the beaches in this national park is protected by mangrove forests, where the living monitor lizards, snakes and pythons gold ring. Behind the phenomena and the secrets of nature, the actual cluster storing the natural beauty of the Thousand Islands is very charming. Symphony tiny islands of green, waves, colored golden sunlight at dusk; will certainly reassure those in the Thousand Islands National Park.

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