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Maluk beach in Sumbawa Besar

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One of the beaches began to be known at this time is Maluk Beach. This beach is so beautiful and enchanting everyone wanted to swim and sunbathe when the weather was sunny, the sun radiates its rays and the waves rolling, one after another toward the beach. On weekends, this beach will be enlivened local residents and employees of PT NNT to spend time, eliminating fatigue after working a full in this mining company. In the West Sumbawa regency there are several attractions beaches. Starting from the beach Maluk, Sekongkang Coast, Tropical Coast, down to the beach Jelengah. Of beach tourism object in West Sumbawa Regency, Cote Maluk is an object of the most interesting tourist interest.

To visit Maluk beach is not very difficult. Transportation facilities needed by tourists are available at any time. From the capital city of Lombok, Mataram, it takes about six hours to get to the beach Maluk. About two hours drive using the ferry from the Port of Heaven Lombok. The rest of the journey taken by land. Waves on the Beach Maluk has been included in the list of the best waves for surfers of the world, certainly one of his surfboards at the Beach manager Maluk. By the surfers, the waves at the beach Maluk dubbed Super Suck. The nickname was given because of the waves to lands divided by a promontory that the locals named the Cape Ahmad. The surf is rolling up to a height of over two meters. The waves continued to roll in as if to suck up to the surfers who tried to conquer it. Only the savvy surfers are able to conquer the waves Maluk Coast Super Suck.

If tourists do not carry surfboards, not to worry, many are renting out surfboards. With the waves are so challenging, I wonder if the Coast Maluk to showcase the skills of surfers who come from all over the world. Usually they come at times of holiday. The atmosphere is still relatively quiet beach, making travelers become more enjoy. Indeed, compared with coastal tourism in Bali, Beaches Maluk has not been visited by many tourists. Maluk coast still less popular than the Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach. Yet in terms of exotic charm, Cote Maluk no less. And soft white sand and scorching sun that emits light, can make tourists feel at home sunbathing. For tourists who do not want to sunbathe or surf, can spend time with canoeing. Each canoe can be rented at a rate of Rp 5,000 per hour.

Maluk addition, there are many beaches on the West Sumbawa regency worth a visit. You can down the west coast of Sumbawa to the north and found the beach at Batu Poto Taliwang. On this beach, you will find a stone in the middle hole. Every weekend, local people crowded the beach is to swim. Why do not you try?

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