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Diving and one-horned rhino, Ujung kulon Indonesia

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For those of you who like adventure Ujung Kulon can be regarded as a very exciting menu. Here we can feel the atmosphere of nature that is completely natural. The beauty of nature and animals that roam freely along with the atmosphere of the forest is an ideal dish for those of you who love the wild. In the Ujung Kulon there are some interesting spots, such as Peuncang Island, Cape screen, Coral copong, Cidaon, Cikuya and much more. The Ujung Kulon If you are sure to Island Peucang, why? because this island was the best national parks Ujung Kulon. Its very beautiful beaches, white sand scenery is amazing. The sand was amazing. Because really just white flour. The nature of his rather dense sand beaches contrast to the other like in Kuta, or Cipanarikan-Edge Tile. This island can be encountered animals that roam freely, like monkeys, deer and even wild boar.

A small paradise on the island Peucang in Ujung Kulon National Park is. At first glance that flashed in our minds when we hear the Ujung Kulon is the one-horned rhinoceros. But actually many other natural beauty found in this west end. such as white sand, blue sea beaches, and beauty of marine parks add to the beauty of nature in the national park. Sea around Ujung Kulon fun for snorkeling, diving or surfing. Attractive white sand beach Sunbathing enthusiasts, the forest was challenging for the lovers of flora and fauna to observe directly from their natural habitat. Moreover, if we had time to observe the turtles are laying eggs.

If you like underwater tours, we can do snorkeling in cikuya. We can see the coral reefs and small fish that roam. Clownfish can we meet here. But be careful, always note the condition of the sea. Because sometimes happens that the flow can take us out to sea. At the west end can practically do not expect the real nature because there are people selling. No signal HP, and no power plant. The only power plant was sourced from the generator at the resort peuncang. Cidaon, another spot market is relatively attractive in Ujungkulon here we can see a vast prairie, in the morning or afternoon can be encountered. Bull and peacocks that roam freely looking for food. Still not satisfied this time we will be trekking to the west end. And see the promontory of the screen. Along the trekking path we can see a natural forest ambience. Large trees with the sounds of birds coloring our journey. Arriving at the end of his journey, we will get to the tower of the lighthouse. If you are brave please try to climb the lighthouse. The stairs are steep accompanied by strong winds would make your adrenaline flowing to the heart. Tight grip yes, because there is no safety nya.Dari over the lighthouse we could see the scenery around.

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