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Exotism in Pagang Island Indonesia

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011 0 komentar
Pagang Island is one of the most beautiful island in West Sumatra. When you charter a boat with us, there you can perform a variety of watersport activities like Parasailing, Banana Boat, Snorkling, Spearfishing, Diving, Fishing. The island is perfect Pagang called Paradise / snorkeling paradise because it has clean white sand beaches, sea water is very clear, a wide variety of ornamental fish, corals are also still very awake sustainability. If you want to stay, the island has 3 koteks Pagang with 9-room.

Shades of the oceans began to appear, ranging from dark blue to blue-green sign we will approach the mainland. The boat started to pull over and stop at the island of white sand Pagang. That morning we were not alone, there were some visitors who stay overnight on the island and the hands of playing in the water when we arrived. When I asked the Bang Jeje, our guide to the island about whether the always quiet like this, he answered yes. Indeed, not many people who come to this island to visit. It's like hell on the island's own.

Finished snorkeling, we went on to walk the path around the island. Coral reefs scattered on the sand. Kumang and small crabs running free, palm trees lined up neatly. Sights around the island which consists of hills and islands around our eyes is very pampering. We walked around the island and pass through the wet grass in the middle of the island to other parts of Pagang. The beach on the island is more in the back, so we are not recommended for snorkeling in this area. So we decided to walk the road alone, taking a few photos.

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